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| go to top | This person is amazing because when I see his name I think I have lot of ideas that I learn to his biography / to his life. I need to know about the biography of the other people and the story of his life is really good. While I'm searching about him he gave a lot of ideas about the world like WELL, Whole World Catalog. That he receive award for making the book or idea. And the support of his/ her members to achieved that award. All of the genius people think first before they go in the other steps to make the project okay and no hassle If you have error in your previous step it's like Stephen Brand do before he do a step he need to think hard for the presentation to make a good presentation to achieve what he want to do. The good of him is he thinks about the population of the world, that how fast that population grow in every day, week, and months. And he know why does the lived in only place that more mall, event and etc. while in this world there is so many people lived in a Squatter in the big cities. All of the people in the Squatter area problem the poverty of their family where they cannot eat 3 time a day. Whatever you are an uneducated person you need to find a work for the family you need to give them a food every day. Stephen Brand gives to us idea in our world that we lived and see to us the need of our world.


| go to top | The importance to me in my topic is you need to know about the life of the other people to have inspiration in our world and think what you need first before you go to the next step of your journey, because time is waiting you. And that time is need you to make evolution in every day, every week, every months and every year comes in our life and enjoy it and try to give an idea in whole world for the next generation of our world.


| go to top | Stewart Brand was born in December 14, 1938 in Rockford Illinois USA and then he graduated at Biology Stanford University on 1960's. Brand Attend in Phillips Exeter Academy and he experienced to become a soldier in US Army, he was a parachutist and taught infantry skills in her age. And then he studied design at San Francisco Art Institute to improve his talent and then the next is photography at the San Francisco State College because he like photography as usual because he like animal then he participated in a legitimate scientific study of then-legal LSD to learn more that they don't know, in Menlo Park, California. And he is an American writer known as the editor of the Whole Earth Catalog because during late 1960s and early 1970s about 10-11 million Americans were involved in living communally and Brand and his colleagues created issue number on of the Whole earth Catalog. Brand and his wife Lois travelled to communes in a 1963 dodge truck known as the Whole Earth Truck Store which moved to a storefront in Menlo Park, California And the influence of these Whole Earth Catalog s on the rural Back-to-the land movement of the 1970s, and spread throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia. The A1972 edition sold 1.5 million copies because of the wonderful theme and the knowledge of books that will all people happy in his creative idea that will change the world into the next generation, that's why this theme or title win as the U.S. National Book Award in category contemporary Affairs. He manage the number of organizations in this world one is the WELL, The Global Business Network, The Long now Foundation, including the WELL ("Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link") the WELL won on 1990 Best Inline Publication Award from the Computer Press Association. The WELL ideas are from Douglas Englebart's work at SRI International who give idea to Brand. Brand was acknowledged by Douglas in "The Mother of Demos" in 1968 when the computer mouse and video conferencing were introduced, the global business network When Brand was visiting scientist at the MIT Media Lab. He became a private-conference organizer for such corporations as Royal Dutch/Shell, Volvo, and AT&T Corporation. In 1968 he become a co-founder on of the Global Business Network, which explores the global futures and business strategies, and the new long foundation, Brand is co-chair and President of the Board of Directors of The Long Now Foundation., Brand chairs the foundation's Seminars About Long-term Thinking (SALT). He is the author of the several books, most recently Whole Earth Discipline: An Eco pragmatist Manifesto. Stephen Brand campaign to NASA to see the image of the Entire World as seen from the space Brand said that "our world have a power symbol that is not like ordinary symbol that you cannot explain easily" many people want the project of brand. But there are one people who offered Brand to help him from his project to complete the project and to make a book about the Whole Earth Catalog. And he say to the people what is world and behind it. If you see the world in outer space you will be amaze the texture the colourful that you feel like you are in a dream. Stephen Brand is Friendly Person he have so many friends because he know how to communicate in the other people who did not totally know about him/her. That's why some people communicate to him because he is a nice person that you cannot say that he is a bad guy. Some people like his/her theme or title once he present a project or presentation because all of his presentation have a lot of knowledge that you can learn to him and you can easily think what will you do, how does he do this amazing vision. In 1984, Stewart brand said that "Information wants to be free" but is also expensive. Steward Brand is correct because in this generation you need to pay the information you want to know, but information is hard to find but easy to forget.

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